Record your desktop screen with just a click

ChrisPC Screen Recorder

Helps you easily record your computer desktop with audio to MP4 video files and make high quality screenshots to PNG and JPEG files.

  • Advanced video recording settings for H.264 MP4
  • Record your gameplay in windowed and borderless modes
  • Support for multiple displays
  • Audio recording to AAC and MP3
  • Add watermark to your videos
  • Customizable recording filename

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ChrisPC Screen Recorder

ChrisPC Screen Recorder - Feature Comparison Chart

Below you will find details regarding the features that are available in the ChrisPC Screen Recorder Pro and the free ChrisPC Screen Recorder:

Features FREE PRO
Screen Recording
Record your computer desktop activity with audio to H.264 MP4 files
10 minutes Unlimited
Record Gameplay
Record your gameplay in windowed and borderless modes
10 minutes Unlimited
Screen recording in 3 modes
Record fullscreen, selected area on the desktop or an application window
Advanced video recording settings
Select video encoding presets and audio codecs
Record desktop audio or from microphone
Select the audio recording source
Customize recording filename
Customize recording filename based on the recording date and time
Record audio (what you hear)
Record audio using AAC or MP3 codec
Customizable FPS (Frames per second)
Choose the desired FPS from: 60, 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 1
Multi monitor support
Easily select the default display for recordings
Mouse highlight
Highlight your mouse cursor, while recording a video tutorial. Customize highlight color and transparency settings.
Play sound on click
Useful feature for video tutorials, to play a sound on mouse click during recordings.
3 modes to take Screenshots
Make a snapshot of the fullscreen, selected area on the desktop or an application window
Save screenshots to JPG, PNG or BMP
Preview video recordings
Configurable Hotkey for all actions
Skinnable user interface
Add custom text watermark to videos
You can choose text font, size, color and background color
Add image watermark to recordings
Add transparent PNG image or JPG image watermark to your screen recordings
Video Editor
Lets you cut the start and end of your recordings if necesary.
Hide video recording countdown
Start screen recording without any countdown
No watermark on videos
Commercial use
Free technical support


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